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Crown lift: With a crown lift we remove the lowest branches leaving a balanced height. Most councils will require a tree to be lifted to 2.5 meters over a footpath & to 5 meters over a public road for vehicular access. People are always surprised by how much light you gain from lifting a tree.


Crown thin: A crown thin involves the removal of some of the smaller superfluous branches within the crown of the tree as well as crossing limbs to enable more light through the tree. Crown thinning will also lessen the load & the ‘kite effect’ without changing the size or shape of the tree.


Crown reduction: To reduce the crown of a tree means just that, usually measured with a percentage we reduce the entire crown not just the height, leaving you with the same tree just smaller (and often a more pleasing shape!)


Branch/limb removal: The removal of one or 2 branches or limbs usually comes about from storm or vehicle damage, we can advise if a single or numerous limbs have been affected. Sometimes the removal of a single limb or branch can have huge benefits in terms of light & balance to the tree.


Felling: The removal of a tree is sometimes unfortunately necessary. When this is the case the surrounding area can have sensitive targets such as houses, sheds, roads etc’. We have methods for dismantling trees in such areas so as not to cause harm or damage to anything within reach of the tree coming out. We also provide a site clearance service.


Coppice: To coppice a tree is good (depending on species) practice for woodland and timber harvesting technique. The tree is cut to a desired height usually quite low to ground level & the re-growth will often be vigorous!


Pollard: Often seen in street trees, the pollard is a severe prune. Not appropriate for all species, pollarding can be an effective use of pruning. Pollarding can also slow root growth down as the tree puts more of its effort into new crown growth.


Formative pruning: This will help immature trees form an excellent shape as they grow. It will help the tree resist weakness & defect as dead wood & crossing branches are always removed.


Dead wooding: What it says on the tin! Removal of dead wood.


Fruit tree pruning: Without regular pruning fruit trees can become a burden as the fruit is stuck at the top of the canopy and by the time of harvest you are last in the queue behind birds, squirrels & maggots for the your prized fruit. We tend to prune fruit trees on an annual/bi annual basis.


Spur pruning: Used in established fruit trees & orchards, to encourage the weaker fruiting trees to form new ‘spurs’ along the branch structure. As the spur system develops we thin to get the best fruiting spurs to do the job.


Hedge trimming: We are often asked to trim hedges either to maintain the already formal appearance or to encourage a young screen to become the hedge or screen that is craved.


Planting: We can supply all trees in all shapes & sizes & plant them in your garden. We can also supply good well-seasoned manure & woodchip to lay on the newly planted tree to help it get going in its early life. We will also advise what to do with regards to watering and general care. The planting season is usually form October through to February.


Stump grinding: We can grind & remove the stump of a fallen or felled tree to a desired depth(usually between 200-300mm). We have different machines to accommodate most access points. The ‘root ball’ of the tree will be gone leaving smaller roots in situ. Unless otherwise agreed the resulting chip/soil mix will be left in a neat pile on site where there was once a tree. This should be left for a short period to let the ground (usually a month or so is fine) settle, if there is any spoil left after settling it can be distributed through the garden as a good composting material or ‘mulch’. We would always need to be alerted to any services that run underneath or near to the stump (gas , electric, water etc’) prior to grinding.


Logs & woodchip: We can deliver seasoned woodchip & logs to your desired location in varying quantities, please contact for details.


24 Emergency call out: We understand that if a tree emergency arises it is not always between the hours of 9-5, therefore we are available on the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Lopping & Topping! : These are terms often used by unscrupulous characters claiming to be tree surgeons or tree blokes. They will also claim to be able to tarmac your drive, fix your roof & ‘do’ your patio. We are trained arborists and will not use these terms nor claim to do any work we could not offer at a high level. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!